by The First Seed

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where’s gravity? rotten apples on the tree rotten apples you and me rotten apples hanging on rotten apples hung on too long rotten apples once were so sweet decaying rapidly over ripe now, past season holding on bitterly we’re rotten apples rotten apples out on a limb rotten apples pulled by the wind rotten apples colour gone rotten apples hung on too long rotten apples don’t make a sound when they fall down hit the ground no impact too late now should’ve let go a long time ago we’re rotten apples
U Got M3 00:55
thank you for fucking everything up completely taken by your animal appeal given seconds to nothing sure you got what you need you got me rapt all around your finger on my trigger captured let me hold on to your breath caught push pull release you got me
there's just not enough time falling behind can’t keep things right endlessly fight always uptight approaching deadlines piling up high press on through the nights never slow down barely controlled days take their toll passing too fast speed through time lapse can’t catch my breath no sleep no relaxing no stepping back now or never, attack!
g0d 01:30
you better believe me believe in me i’ll kill your whole family if you don’t obey i’m god your god the one and only god i kill everything let you kill for me cause all suffering let the evil win don’t even question me you’ve been brainwashed, born in spread the poison to your kin im so sadistic i get off on your anguish let good people struggle while the greedy languish “my words” control masses teach me against facts but if you don’t believe i won’t exist
Th!nk 01:39
you think if you buy their shit it will make you feel better believe what you’re told quoting charlatans oblivious repeat the rhetoric opinions, fake news, not facts ignorant, skewed views smokes there check their stacks growing like pollution and the wealth gap you gotta think for yourself tell you how to look, how to be what to do with your time upward motions just not possible when you’re falling under the line distracted buy trash purchase “freedom” sell ourselves combative always right praise our god or we’ll send you to hell! you gotta think for yourself
4LL IN!!! 01:22
left with no choice loosing my voice never were heard burn bridges down i’m all in try for compensation some kind of conciliation strive for conservation, appeasement, consolation no conversation consolidating patience unfolding staying fronting cultivated remain focused on the surface played safe baseless i’m all in
$t@y h&RD~! 01:08
diamond heart broke the knives stabbed healed indestructible worn scarred scratched rusted still running impeccable steel core iron resolve lead determination razor focus solid stamina endless never eroding stay hard forever quartz spine thick skinned metal skull indifferent teeth bared sardonic grinning in deference beyond all the fucks given, gone independent stay hard forever


THE FIRST SEED is back with another passion fueled energetic onslaught of vicious sonic expulsions with SIDE WAYS. The 7 song follow up to THE $Y$TEM (released in September of 2018) captures the raw energy of THE FIRST SEED’s live performances by stripping away all the meticulously edited computer driven production elements of his previous full length releases and focuses on the act of making powerful, impactful music utilizing a minimal setup; recording voice, drum machine, and FX pedals simultaneously. By capturing the songs as full takes and limiting the edits the authenticity of the emotions are directly preserved. The resulting sound is raw, real, and riddled with expressive nuance, brought to absolution by the mastering skills of the indelible AARON SPECTRE (DRUMCORPS).
The aggressive pounding low fi electronic rhythms are complimented by lyrics extolling relationships, aspirations, sociopolitical frustration, societal pressure, disinformation, and living life to the fullest, delivered with gut wrenching conviction.
THE FIRST SEED has been performing, producing, collaborating and releasing music in the underground Canadian electronic/breakcore/hardcore/underground/noise scenes since 2005. Notably collaborating with ERIC ANDRE, forthcoming full length albums with BINGENINJA and ERO GURO are in the works, as well as a solo “studio” album in 2019.


released January 1, 2019

written/performed/recorded by The First Seed
mastered by Aaron Spectre


all rights reserved



The First Seed Toronto, Ontario

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