by The First Seed

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Common 00:50
i’ve been grinding, mesmerizing falling behind in deference spill my senses out caught in pretenses now defying every little lasting stare you’re common despite our differences we are all stuck in this, casually aligning with our kind preset defenses already made up sold like sunglasses to the blind
Spellbound 00:57
you get caught up can’t keep up in platitudes we fondled chaired, folding paths worn dim willed allegiances stick winking admiration's dethroned king empire of ruination appealing to amends repair their gated castle while conceding to be fair
Reckless 00:56
that's what you get for being reckless this cycle goes on never ending you’re the one, always offending my faith in you has been up ended that's what you get for being reckless should’ve known you’d bring the ending i paid in full while you were taking you stand before me making claims can’t keep up with all the names now you’re gonna damage me that's what you get for being reckless turned your head keep on defending closed eyes witness nothing you do what you got to do but i won’t be there helping you get back up to standing that's what you get for being reckless
Circles 00:32
this time we’ll see reviled impeding resolve all our needs in breeding speeding towards what? the leash snaps slack we got broken necks from always looking back spin spin spin snares snapped tight rulers inherit we beg and stare dealing while buried wisdom we know re-framed by the screen forever responding from within the machine spin spin spin
pay me for this garbage pay us for our hardships paint us a pretty picture tame us with collections tell us what we’ve wanted we’ve almost forgotten what it means to be alive not for profit pay up
Paid In Full 00:58
blood spilled lives spent resent regret we’ve met, we’ve already met did u forget with intent intended intentions amended we pretend like we comprehend to act like we’re content we’re meant to live we’re meant to live with intent
invading impoverish dragging our feet through their mines already established demonstrate your control in full sight appearing benevolent back to the wall, we’re ready to fight take back whats ours our lives trained us to obey indoctrinating right from the start peddle your sick lies poison our bodies, subdue our hears sell us these fake lives run your rat race until we expire dream on indifferent blue collar visions/ white collar mirage
Consumer 01:02
you will be replaced standing in one place shackled into their empire living off credit always indebted sold in their system you believe can’t win zero sum replayed uneven live beyond your means paying with everything consumer consume all ignorance in lust you need better stuff fashion up to date products well place compete with yourself never be enough collect some more shit your sold trickle down bullshit divided classes look down on you peers but we’re all under them


released September 3, 2018

written/performed/recorded by The First Seed
mastered by Aaron Spectre


all rights reserved



The First Seed Toronto, Ontario

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